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Supplies & Equipment Categories

We carry products and delivery services that optimize your health care effort. We save you costs and time so you can provide more care. Categories available include surgical supplies, disposables, medical supplies, instruments, equipment and furniture, diagnostic instruments and supplies, pharmaceuticals, fall management, general nursing, gloves, glucose testing, housekeeping, incontinence, infection prevention, nutritional & feeding supplies, ostomy, OTC, personal hygiene and skin care, respiratory and suction, urological, vaccines & diagnostic agents, anesthesia, sterilization and instrumental decontamination, suture, and wound closure and care, needles, syringes and IV Therapy, laboratory testing and supplies, apparel, textiles & linens, diapers, and many more. The wound care category covers an ample list of supplies including adhesive removers & liquid skin barriers, alginate & hydro fiber dressings, compression bandages, cover dressings & composites, film dressings, honey dressings, hydrocolloid dressings, hydrogels, impregnated gauze, silver dressings, super absorbent dressings, transfer dressings, unna boots, wound contact layers, wound cleansers, wound fillers. In the general wound care category we carry abdominal pads, adhesive bandages, cohesive bandages, drain & IV sponges, elastic bandages, gauze, non-adherent dressings, packing strips, tapes, wound measurement, and others.