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Electric Standing Wheelchair Combi


The LEVO Combi mid-wheel power base: a design that maximizes maneuverability, turning radius and overall traction for life’s ups and downs.The seating system on the power base is the best combination of seated, stand and recline offered in the industry. You can even transition directly from full recline to full standing smoothly, securely and stop anywhere in between. In any position you can engage the world with power mobility – move, turn, reverse – all while in any of the multiple and customized seating positions

Power Base

• Compact size and weight with excellent power maneuverability, response and traction
• Center wheel drive provides for the smallest turning circle (43 in) (109.2 cm)
• Stable and safe driving in seated or standing position (automatic program for controlled standing speed.)
• Safely and effectively climbs and descends ramps up to 12°
• Multiple programming options for maximum choice
• Whisper quiet drive and seating operation